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Madeline Leiter, Intern

Do you find yourself struggling to answer life's questions or manage your mental health day to day? I'm here to help! I believe every client is unique and has unique life experiences that shape who they are. I am a firm believer in mental health recovery and would like to help you on your journey towards wellness. My goal is to create a safe and productive therapeutic environment where clients can grow and work together toward change.

My areas of interest include perinatal mood disorders, marriage and relationship issues including co-parenting struggles, depression, life transitions, family conflict, and self-esteem issues, and college stress. I also have experience working with those struggling with schizophrenia and mood disorders.

I am a current third year student at Bellevue University in the Master's of Clinical Mental Health Counseling interning with New Outlook Counseling. I am offering sessions at a significantly reduced rate. Reach out for a 15 minute phone consult today.