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Relationship Counseling

Many of our providers at New Outlook Counseling have a great passion for working with relationships, whether it be significant others, siblings, adult children and their parents, and families. We believe relationships are incredibly important to our health and fulfillment in life, especially relationships with those we have chosen to share the rest of our life with. We love working with couples to help them improve their communication, manage conflict, rebuild trust, increase understanding of one another, and overall have a healthier and more meaningful relationship.

Gottman Method Therapy

One of the methods we use when working with couples' especially is the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Gottman Method therapy is a research-based couples therapy. 

  • Because of the structured nature of this form of therapy, you can expect to have homework and guided discussions. Here’s what the initial structure of therapy will look like:
    • Session 1: Couples interview, followed by completion of the Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire at home 
    • Session 2&3: Individual interviews (Approximately 30 minutes each, separately) 
    • Session 4: Feedback on previous appointments and identifying treatment goals 
    • Session 5 and future appointments: Sessions will use structured techniques to work toward achieving treatment goals.