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Our Mission

Our mission at New Outlook Counseling is to first and foremost, build relationships with our clients, to truly see, hear, and understand who they are and what they are seeking through counseling to help them develop goals that will lead to a healthier, more satisfying life. We strive to empower all clients with tools to help them make real change and grow to their ideal selves. We endeavor to give clients specific tools and a new outlook to help them make the desired changes in their unique lives.

Our Values


We believe that first and foremost, everyone needs to feel understood and that to help anyone, we need to first understand where they are and what unique experiences led them there in order to help them move forward in the direction they want to move. Understanding helps us validate and empathize with our clients to help them feel truly seen and heard as unique individuals.


We believe in collaborating with our clients and with fellow therapists and other providers you are working with to provide you the best treatment we can.

Client care/commitment

We value our clients and are committed to providing the best possible care that we can to them.

Continuous Self-improvement

We believe in continuous self-improvement, both as continuing to learn about the field of psychology to improve our skills as therapist and in personal self-improvement and continuous growth.

Honoring Vulnerability

We know that seeking mental health counseling requires a level of vulnerability and we feel honored to be trusted to serve in this role for you and will honor the vulnerability with trust and unconditional positive regard.